Trading Game Dev Diary #7

Was busy with my daily work. Had some time in May and refactored script and data structure. I want to remove anon functions from data structs for having less trouble with save / loading data later. (WIP)

Besides that, I have started coding the AI. Added some pseudo states to check against and some callbacks. The callback script is doing some stuff like finding the right markets and tokens to trade. This will become more and more complex by time and amount of states (global market state, fear and greed and other thresholds).

AI pseudo states. Still with anon functions which I’m going to remove later.
The “Do”-function to decide which trading style to choose by a threshold value.
Credits for struct loop to FrostyCat from the YoYo board.

Also have removed the computed GUI, it’s too much work in the end and more a road block than a cool feature. Going to create simple room based GUIs, after AI stuff and mechanics are done, because GUIs are only relevant as data representation layer for the player.

Debug screen output of some in-game data.